How to edit the Custom Code Service Section in homepage

1-.First, you have to create 2 different design images, 1 for Normal and other when Hover


On Hover

2-. Create the Custom Code in Elementor Menu
  • Hover in Elementor Menu and Click on Custom Code
3-. Click on Add New             Button

1- Add a title to the new Custom Code

2- On Location select: 

         </body> – End

3-  Paste this code:

// Change image on hover
jQuery(‘.img-hover img’).hover(function(){
jQuery(this).attr(‘srcset’,’your over image URL’);}, function(){
jQuery(this).attr(‘srcset’,’your normal image URL‘);

Editing the Code

  • Select your images from the Media Library
  • Copy each image URL to clipboard and Paste it into  the code

4- Finally, Click on Publish Button

4.– Test and Preview in home page